Refresh caché of edited files

edited November 2022 in Bug Reports
When you edit a Gcode in the library and save.

Then open it and you can see the original unedited file.
I tried F5 and dont solve the problem.
tried F5+Alt and dont solve the problem.

Change browser solve the problem.

Maybe you can sneak peak this.


  • With library you mean g-codes in projects?

    I tried it and it worked as it should. May be depend on some browser settings or proxys in between. I noticed there were no cache-control statements, so it is not exactly forbidden to cache, also date of file changed. So I had added a cache control block for next version to hopefully prevent this issue.
  • edited November 2022
    The problem seems to ocurr when I edit some files and then I try to re-edit recently edited files.

    Same file, updated and not updated in Firefox Vs Repetier Server Monitor.

  • Firefox is the key to repeat it. With firefox it also happened with old version and current dev version with no-cache does not have it anymore - at least repeating same test. Only if it is still in cache when you retry it might happen again. SO after clear cache in 1.4.4 it should not happen any more.
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