disable CSS Transitions in Touchpanel Mode?

Hey there,

i have set up my Repetier Server on a BananaPro with 1024x600 Touchscreen.

It is a great piece of software and i am quite happy with it, except one minor issue:
My BananaPro, which has a performace like a Raspberry and features no "real" Graphics Card is not able to display these neat little slide-in popups (for example to set the bed temperature) on the touchscreen interface. They are just horrible slow and take several seconds to be "animated".

Is there any workaround to switch off the transition effects?


  • This interface was never intended to be on the printer directly. It is for faster devices like tables, handys  and pc desktops. To run on a printer screen to control it there a bit we have a separate frontend. For your resolution this would be

    which should be run in kiosk mode (full screen) on your browser. It is optimized for resolution and offers most important function you do on printers directly and has no animations since it is intended to run on slower machines.
  • Sorry, i have forgotten to mention that i am talking exactly about the frontend you are talking about in your answer. (http://localhost:3344/mod/front/1024x600/index.html).

    i have recorded the "issue" i am talking about:

  • Ok, I see now what motion you mean now. Thought about other animations in main frontend. After some googling I found a solution that seems to work. You have in the installation directory a file modules/front/1024x600/css/panel.css. There add at the end the following css:

    // Disable animation of modals

    .modal.fade {
    opacity: 1;

    .modal.fade .modal-dialog, .modal.in .modal-dialog {
    -webkit-transform: translate(0, 0);
    -ms-transform: translate(0, 0);
    transform: translate(0, 0);
    I think I will disable it in the next release for all resolutions. On the printer I want it 
    fast and I guess even a PI 2 will take some time, also I never had a problem with it 
    on the Pi 2.
  • i have finally added the code snippet to the panel.css today. It works and solves the issue.

    Thanks alot!
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