Repetier Server Monitor Connections

I have recently got a instance of Repetier Server running on Raspberry Pi 4b. It is set up on my university's IT network - and they have firewalled it to just internal network connections only via port 443. It works great connecting from a browser (https://ip-address:443) while on their wifi/vpn, however I am unable to connect via Repetier Server Monitor via the same settings. Do you have ideas how to address this?


  • I think you get an error in browser that ssl certificate can not be verified, because it is self signed, right?

    I think that is breaking the monitor - it will reject connection due to not being trusted. You need to add the certificate to your trusted certificates. But I'm not sure if it helps if windows trusts it. We use electron for monitor and that is using chromium under the hood. But I'd say that is the way to look for.

    Looks like I can add a switch in electron to allow this. Will think about it. Problem is that you loose the real benefit of ssl being trusted. The solution found means it will trust any ssl connection regardless who signed it. On the other side that is what pi self signed is anyway.
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