Raspberry Pi vs PC

Raspberry Pi are expensive.
For the same price I can buy a modest pc.
To control 10/15 printers a pc could work well?
What is the most important? What should I pay attention to?


  • On pc with windows make sure updates do not reboot. We can not prevent forced reboot for updates.

    Also with many printers the potential for electronic problems can increase and if one causes usb hub to disconnect you loose a few prints. But that depends on the printers is often random. Printers some users have problems with work fine for others.
    That said there are users doing exactly that with success on a pc, so it is possible. Speed is normally no issue since server is quite fast and doe snot need many cpu power for the printing.
    If you have also 15 webcams that gets new issues as they have lot of usb bandwidth.

    Even on a pc I would prefer linux for a pure print server. Here you can install mjpg_streamer for webcams to get webcam access. And only viewed webcams use bandwidth.
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