Render cache

Why is it necessary to render the Gcode files each time they are sent to print for each printer?
Could we store them to avoid this process in the future?
Like a render cache.


  • The only cache is the g-code model list. There we already compute the images. But we still need to reanalyse them on start since the gcode might have changed or settings for timing calculation. Only with the current setting recalculated they will get computed correctly. Also except copy from g-code all other methods have no image precomputed. Caching makes only sense when you always print same file with same settings, but that is often not the case.
  • but that is often not the case

    Except you have a farm. I print same files everyday. xD

    Still, I get the point that implementing an optimization here on something that's relatively unobtrusive isn't justified.

  • Actually there is a render cache I saw. Rendering is only started for printes without rendered images. So if you print a stored g-code model it does not get rerendered. We just copy the existing image. Only thing that is still recomputed is the g-code analysis - this is to ensure live time computation is identical with the one from analysis. In past we updated all gcodes on every change which can be quite time consuming. Now we update on print only the active g-code.
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