History with bugs in calendar

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In the last months, my printer presented a problem in its history. Printing hours and number of printings have been registered in the wrong months, example: all I have printed in October is condensed in the month of September. I checked my network connection and everything seems fine. Anyone knows how I can fix this? If there is some method to ajust the months calendar history correctly? 


  • In which computer? We use time from the os you are running server on, so make sure the date is set correctly here. Nowadays the time is normally synced with a time server - at least if there is a internet connection from server to outside. This is especially important for a raspberry which has no battery buffer for time so without internet connection the time will be wrong. For linux you can see system time/date in the bolt menu at the top.
  • I use Windows system. My computer and rapsberry are connected in the same internet network and their calendar (data and hour configuration) are set correctly. Is there any possibility to restart the server's interface or even try to reload the firmware? 
  • Important is the date on the device running server, so in this case raspberry I guess. The interface is just a javascript webpage, so reloading in browser restarts it, but the daemon running  Repetier-Server is responsible for setting history date, so it uses the time you see in th ebolt menu regardless of what your windows pc says otherwise. There is also a reboot option in main menu when you use our pi image.

    Note that the fact that you can see pi in your local network does not automatically mean it has also internet access. That is normally the case, but if you have some router firewall active you could prevent it from reaching timeserver port in internet or block all internet traffic. A internet timeserver is used to set time after a restart of the pi. If you login via ssh or in gener settings->terminal you can see and change the date with the "date" command.
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