Cannot load Repetier Server in iframe?

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I used to load 6 of my printers into iframes so i could control them easier from 1 browser window using the below basic html -

<!DOCTYPE html>
<frameset rows="*,*" cols="*,*,*">


This was on version repetier version 1.2 and worked fine. Today I updated to version 1.43 though and it stopped loading the content in the frames... Now i get "192.168.1.X refused to connect." in all my frames.

I'm not sure why this has started happening, but it was as soon as I updated to 1.43 for some reason?


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    This is a security feature to prevent clickjacking. But it is possible to disable it. Put a copy of /usr/local/Repetier-Server/etc/RepetierServer.xml into /var/lib/Repetier-Server/database and change

    <!-- To prevent clickjacking we should disallow embedding in iframes -->

    If you already have a file version there just add that line. Change false to true to allow iframe embedding.
  • Thanks a lot! I assumed it would be a security thing but had no idea how to get around it =/

    Would the server need a restart after copying and changing this xml or will it pick it up itself?

    Thanks again.
  • Yes, the xml file is only read on startup so restart server to make it take effect.
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