Manual Bed Leveling Wizard

Repetier Server Free - Dionysus 32 on a Raspberry Pi 4
Tested with Version 1.4.1, then updated to 1.4.2 and tested again
Printer is an Anycubic Mega X running Marlin 2.X

Issue: On the printers page -> Console -> Wizards -> Manual Bed Leveling. Position is not being commanded to the correct Z position entered into the "Measure Z at (mm)" field.

Detected by: Running a position command from the wizard using 0.1 or 0.5 as values in the "Measure Z at (mm)" field, and checking the sent command to the printer.

Expected Behavior: If the measure at Z field is set to 0.1, the print head should be commanded to go to position Z0.100 (The gcode command for the Z position change would be "G1 Z0.100 F120")

Observed Behavior: If I enter a value 0, 0.1, 0.5, or even 2.0mm in the "Measure Z at (mm)" field, the gcode command sent to the printer will always be "G1 Z0.000 F120" and the print head will always end up in the same place.

Let me know if any more information is needed to further identify what the problem could be or helping narrow down the source of this behaviour.


  • You are right, one line is using wrong scope for z. Please go to printer configuration->G-Codes->Wizards and change line 4 of Bed Level Wizard into
    G1 Z{{fixed(perm.manBedLevZoffset,3)}}  F{{fixed(config.speed_z_per_minute,0)}}

    Before it should look like this:
    G1 Z{{fixed(local.manBedLevZoffset,3)}}  F{{fixed(config.speed_z_per_minute,0)}}

    But value is stored in perm not local which is why you got the 0. Will fix it in next release, but it will not fix installed wizards only if you reinstall it.
  • Thank you for your time on the reply - I hope this question/issue hadn't already been answered before and I just sucked at searching for it.
  • No you were the find to find the issue. Guess most are using Z=0 for testing which is the only value that was working. With 1.4.3 this is also now fixed.
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