Please put GRAMS on the Printer Queue rather than MMs

On the Printer Queue the MMs of filament does me no good, what I need is the expected WEIGHT to be used as that I can measure before I start the print


  • That is not possible. Weight depends on the filament brand and type you inserted and that is unknown and you can not set it. If you upload g-code to models you can change this in summary and also see the weight to it, but in queue it might also be a direct upload where no one selected the filament. It is mainly for direct print so no interaction with g-code is planned.
  • I think if you just have it calculated and add a disclaimer that it's *'s approximate that would really work well. I've measured it and its +/- 5g per print, but this is well within my margin of error. This gives me at least an idea based on the spool and not gram-precise measurement. Otherwise, I have to manualy convert the number every time.
  • You know that when you upload it to gcode models you can select the filament and get the weight in gramm? As said you need to know density also most are around 1.25 there are some like copper or wood that can differ much and without knowing filament it adds the error. Maybe when we have a material manager so we know what is loaded on which extruder we could say weight based on that information.
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