No Longer able to Setup Repetier Via HOST. It forces one to the SERVER. WHY?

edited October 2022 in Repetier-Host
Softwarre Issue:
Pepetier host no longer works , it is forced to go to server?  why was this changed? 

Working from Servers (CLOUD) is never private:
Working from Server means files you work with could be saved at the Server end and they are no longer private. 
The server knows everything you slice and print. 
While this may not be a concern for some people that simply print for fun, it is for others that design products from scratch and want to maintain thier CAD STL files private. 

Am I correct? 

Can someone shed some insight into this and if it is possible to get back to operating the software offline via host?. 
Thank You. 


  • Actually you are completely wrong regarding storage. Also it has server in it's name, that is only because it serves printers remotely. But remotely from your computer, so you upload files to your own computer. We never get any files from you and we even do not log what you do on the server. So in contrast to some other cloud services for printing (which I think you use here) this is not the case. All stays on your systems.

    WHat me wonders mor eis why host suddenly should not work. We haven't changed it. What is your issue? Does it not start any more? If you installed and configured  Repetier-Server on your pc the server will block com port if it is configured for that printer. You then need to either disable the printer in server or in host select the  Repetier-Server Connector to print via server.
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