Prusa Mini - Gcode overwrite when connected

Hey guys,

I have a Prusa Mini+ and evaluated the best X Y Z E E-Steps for it.
Unfortunately, the Prusa Mini Firmware doesn't allow saving these data in the EEPROM. So I have to run the M92 command with my specific values every time when I restart the printer and have to put in the following command in the terminal:

M92 X100.20 Y100.15 Z402.61 E331.73


Is there any possibility do this automatically when the printer gets connected with repetier server?

When I tried it via 

G-Codes-->Event Depended-->1. Run on printer activation or 2. Run on connect 

and enter these commands

M92 X100.20 Y100.15 Z402.61 E331.73


it doesn't work. Nothing happens when I check it afterward in the terminal by M92 echo command.

It always got the default Prusa values again (M92 X100 Y100 Z400 E325).

Maybe you can help out.

That would be awesome.

Thx a lot.


  • In run on activate you should only write server commands. This gets also executed when printer is not connected but activated. The correct position is in deed "Run on connect". They only get executed on NEXT connect. I just tested it and it worked.

    For testing if they get send go to console, activate commands and then deactivate printer in server. Clear console to get fresh start and activate. You should see our default commands getting executed and then followed by your "Run on connect" commands. In 1.4.2 this worked correctly.

    You then should also see if it gets reset on connection start. Also check when you print gcode if slicer did add them in the gcode. I know they at least overwrite accelerations in their default configs. M92 makes no sense there as it might differ from different belt tension or having other extruder wheel. But you never know.
  • Thx a lot. Now it works. I had just to restart it.
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