Ports get corrupt on Reboot

I was using my Host computer for a LASER project so I had turned off Repetier-Server as it got in an argument with my laser software.

On Restart I knew my ports would be scrabbled, re-assigned, so I went to check my ports and
My choices were:
Device/Port      Com7 <which I know is wrong>
                     Virtual Delta
                     Virtual Cartesian

No com2, com3, com4, etc... Virtual Delta?

I will do a backup and re-install and hopefully that will fix it, but weird....

PS... is there any way to Keep ports from being shuffled on a re-boot?

PPS... how do you post a picture (JPG, GIF or PNG) to this forum?   Whanted to show a picture of the corrupted pull down.


  • If ports are named COMxx you are using windows and windows is assigning the names. We have no control over this process. Normally windows reassignes the same port names. I think they do this based on PID/VID and ID. But if you have multiple devices with same id it is random and determined by order of detection I guess. With linux this can be solved by using the port where you connecte dthe device in stead. Under windows this does not exist, so only solution I'd know is enabling devices always in same order.

    Virtualxxx are simulated printers for testing puroses or if you like to play with server learning how things work without using a real printer.
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