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I have been running the same version of Repetier Server on a raspberry pi 3, driving a "OneUp" 3d printer for years (which has some kind of PCB running Marlin firmware). Today, it froze in the middle of a print (motors stopped moving). After a ton of power cycles and retries, I have come to the conclusion that the server can connect to Marlin (I see debug prints in the web server console), but can't make it actually perform movements or enable the extruder heating element. That's trying to use Repetier Host connected to the server, as well as trying in the web server.

I tried my usual trick of clearing out the "waiting on prints", but I just can't seem to get any movement. There are signs of life on the 3d printer's PCB: Blinking LEDs, all fans are spinning. I even see a reasonable temperature sensor value fed back all the way to the host.

Any suggestions on what to do or try to get this thing moving again? 


  • Go to console in server and disable ack and command filter. Then send some commands and see if printer reacts. If you get a "ok" back after sending a command you know printer received it correctly and is responsible for executing. Send e.g. M119 or M114 where firmware even returns some informations you should see. If that works communication is ok and issue is on printer side.

    From description it sounds a bit like communication is working but commands needing power do not work. Since board can often be powered by usb it might that main power is not working. Make sure it is enabled and retruning power. If it returns power check board fuses to work.
  • Thanks for the input. I did manage to communicate with the device and read out the firmware version so I'm guessing this is a hardware issue. I'll try troubleshooting that route.
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