arc welder library from FormerLurker on Github causes crash

edited October 2022 in Slic3r
Using RepetierHost and included  Prusa Slicer, I added the arcwelderlib to it(prusa slicer), and when slicing an error box appears.
System.NullReferenceException:Object reference not set to an instance of an object. At Repetierhostextender.basic.gcodeanalyzer.arc(single[]position,single[]target,single[]offset,single radius,boolean isclockwise,gcode code) at Repetierhostextender.basic.gcodeanalyzer.analyzeshort(gcode short code) at repetierhost.view.repetiereditor.fastlayerupdate) at repetierhost.main.loadgcode(string file)

Looking at the result in print preview tab,there are arcs/circles  all over the place.

Is this fixable, or should I just go straight to prusa slicer, bypassing repetier host entirely.
I Like repetier host, it is much easier to manage the objects on the platter.


  • Can you provide a gcode original plus arcwelded where host crashes on it so I can reproduce the issue? Just implementing it for  Repetier-Server so now I'm into the subject and can check it on host as well. But it might be a special case causing the crash, so I need a example so I know it happens. There is one known issue with arcs being very small causing issues. I think that is in 2.2.4 not fixed and waiting for release, but will check that then.
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