TCP/IP Connected Printer Shows as Connected when Powered Off

In Repetier-Server, we are having an issue where if a TCP/IP connected printer is powered off, Repetier-Server continues to show it as connected. We are using a W5100s-EVB-Pico connected to the printer mainboard to provide this connection. It is powered off when the printer is off. This issue can cause issues reconnecting when the printer is powered back on. Repetier does not attempt to reconnect to the printer, probably because it thinks it is still connected. Has anyone else here had this issue and come up with a possible solution for it? Thanks.


  • Is the ip still reachable when printer is powered down? Maybe because it is on a always powered on 5v line from power source?

    On which OS is server running? Might also be that connection does not timeout for some reasons, also normally if the backend is not reachable it should close connection and show disconnected. Make sure you have not selected "port is visible even if firmware is not running". That influences what you see as connected and hides the connecting stage.

    Reconnecting can be forced by deactivating and activating printer is server gui. That forces to disconnect.
  • No, the IP is not reachable with the printer powered down (tested by attempting to telnet to it). The "port is visible even if firmware is not running" is not visible in the TCP/IP connection settings, only for the USB connection settings. The server is running Ubuntu 20.04. Forcing the reconnect by deactivating and reactivating does work, but we would like to find a way for it to automatically disconnect and reconnect.
  • Ok that is a hard one. took me over a week to figure out a solution. At least on linux the next release has a keep alive an dif that is exceeded it will drop the connection then. Winodws/mac also have this but they can not be forced as easy into disconnect so a timeout seems needed there as well. But at least it works.

    With current version on windows it should also time out after 16 minutes when tcp resends reach the limit, but that is a long time to wait for.
  • Tested the fix and it is working. Thanks.
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