Prusa Mini Pause Y Axis Layer Shift

Hi all, I've been running Repetier Server on our farm for a few years now and its been flawless for our usage, up until recently where we found a really odd issue.

We stop/pause our prints to drop magnets in, and have done so using the ;@pause command (inserted via Prusa Slicer) - which has never let us down up until now - where we are using it with the Prusa Mini+.

Essentially what happens is that the pause command gets actioned, the printer parks and then recommences as would be expected - but there is a significant Y-axis layer shift of about 1.5mm, this is replicable every time on any file - the layer shift is exactly the same.

Printing without the pause renders the file perfectly. Using an M601 in Prusa Slicer as opposed to the ;@pause does exactly the same thing.

Any ideas? I am half convinced this is something I am missing in the printer setup, but am probably confused by the fact that the MK3's work flawlessly with the same commands.


  • I feel I should add that this happens on both our identical Prusa Mini's - its not isolated to one machine.
  • For @pause there the move command is in printer settings->g-codes->event dependent->run on pause. A mini should be able to reach Y 180 and I guess that is what move you will see there. Likely same move in M601 inside prusa as it will also move to give you best access. Now mini has no end stops so as soon as it hits something or requires too much force it will stop the move. So I guess for some reaosn you can not reach y 180 without triggering it and then from trigger you get an offset. When offset is 1.5mm you can try using Y 170 instead and it should improve. M601 is firmware intern so you would need to reduce y max in firmware to prevent this or if option exist change park position.
  • Hi again, I just tested via USB and the file is printing perfectly so I am guessing this is (as you say) GCode dependent.
    One thing that is odd - the pause via GCode puts the hot end to the right of the x-axis and via Repetier its going to the Left side.
  • >  One thing that is odd - the pause via GCode puts the hot end to the right of the x-axis and via Repetier its going to the Left side.
    Not strange. Our script "Run on pause" is independent. If you set X180 insted of X0 it would also go to right side with our pause.
  • Added the smaller distance and that's fixed the issue - many thanks for the support!, now just have to work out why the printers are now stopping at a certain number of layers all the time...
  • All printers stop same time or do they all stop at same layer? Activate logging and see what is in the log when it happens, might give some indication.
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