Loss progress bar in repetier-server monitor

Hi! I can see in repetier-server monitor progress bar = 0% everytime of printing.
I want see actual progress bar in repetier-server monitor.


  • Thats a bug in server causing this. Will be fixed with next  Repetier-Server release. This has no effect on printing just cosmetically as it shows no progress bar, but time still is working.
  • edited October 2022
    Hi, for me not just the bar is not working, also anything else is not calculated. Just the timer is counting...

    Edit: It seems to work in browser (FF) properly, but not in server monitor...
  • Sorry, I was wrong. The bug in deed affects time and layer as well as they are set in same function that did not get executed due to the bug.

    Regular gui uses different solution that was not affected by this.
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