Configuration Files for more users

I want to ask if somebody try to solve the same problem as I. In first I want to apologize if this thread belong elsewhere but I am not sure and I think this is about Cura implementation and not repetier. It is about multiple users on one computer. Example:
I have one PC and I Install on my account Repetier-Host as administrator. After that I create configurations in cura.
If another user try to execute Repetier, yes he can, but he does not see my profiles/configurations of cura...only default. I try to check for configuration files and I found that. I must show hidden files and after that they are in directory ''user/AppData/local/RepetierHost'' and I think this is the problem why another user cannot see/use configuration...beacuse permissions. So I want to ask if is there some solution ... for example in repetier change path of configuration folder or somethink another... It could by usefull for firms or schools.   


  • First you should know that host stores setup per user, that is why each user has independent set of data. For the printer configuration there is nothing you can do about this.

    For slicer configurations you can. In Preferences->basic settings you can change the work directory for the host which is also used for CuraEngine configuration files. In slicer manager you can also set slic3r to point to a specific data directory and not the slic3r default in AppData/Roaming/Slic3r.
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