Filament runout detection

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I am using a Tronxy S IDEX printer and need Repetier to be able to detect when a filament runout occures.
At the the moment the printer only detects a filiment runout if using the SD card, puts a screen up saying there is a filiment runout and then displays the pause restart screen and will park heads
If using Repetier it displays the error screen, does nothing and carries on printing with the error displayed on the printer which cannot be removed.
I assum this is becuse Repetier is still sending codes and the printer cannot take control.
Tronxy have still not made their product open source as of yet. Is there any way that Repetier can be made to dectect this and put the printer release the printer and put inself into pause mode?.
Any advise or Repetier config samples would be appriciated.


  • Chitu firmware is in deed hard as there also is nearly no documentation. As far as I know the firmware will give no notice on filament run out when not printing from sd card, so server can not know about it. Only solution I can suggest is having a sensor connected to the raspberry pi gpio pins and use the gpio feature from server to detect run out. Requires using a pi. I have done this for a Sidewinder printer. I removed the run out sensor and connected it instead to the gpio pins. In our docs -> gpio tutorial you see how to configure gpio for it. Google will show you also sited describing how to wire this.

    If you know a way that tronxy tells it run out or request for pause let me know and I add it, but on my model I did not figure it out.
  • Tronxy S IDEX is now using Marlin if that helps
  • While they have multiple printers with S in model I haven't seen one names S. But maybe not important here.

    I have a X5SA-2E  but as it seems one of the last delivered with Chitu firmware. he switch to Marlin is a good step, but marlin has many options regaring end of filament so need to figure out what they use here.

    First question is if M412 is supported:

    Then what does it tell in console after
    M412 S1
    M412 S1 H1

    when filament runs out. I guess that would be the most likely way to enable it if you did not get a response yet.
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