7" Touch Screen flashing/blinking - screen saver?

After several minutes of inactivity, the 7" Touch Screen begins flashing/blinking. The entire screen rotates through a series of colors green, blue, white, red. Is this a screen saver? Is there any way to change the behavior? Have floating Raspberry or Repetier logos? Interestingly, the Repetier-Server Raspberry Pi image 1.4.1 was not exhibiting this behavior. When I updated using the Repetier UI option to 1.4.2, that is when it started. Thank you.


  • Just updating server with autoupdater does not change linux configuration. So strange that it started then.

    Also there is no fancy screensaver, we use blanking to disable display if supported and screensaver in server is active.

    Never have seen what you describe - maybe a new alternative to the rainbow screen the pi used to indicate undervoltage? When you check in server ui the flash icon do you see undervoltage?
  • I have checked that screen several times. I've never seen under-voltage.

    The Raspberry Pi is being powered by a Geekworm's x735 power hat, which is fed with a Mean Well 350W 12VDC power supply, which when hooked up to the Lowrider2, powers the Rambo board as well. At the moment the Pi/hat/display are hooked up to a 12VDC 6A power supply (removed from CNC). Since this is not a Repetier specific issue (the forum search did not turn up anything), perhaps I can find something on a Raspberry Pi site, or maybe contact the display manufacturer. Thank you.

  • Just to rule out no screensaver found it's way back, what happens if you touch the display? Does it stop and show content? I mean originally there was a screensaver as part of the desktop but I think I removed them. But a linux update or some internal check might bring such things back.

    Since you say you also get floating repetier logo which I surely did not write, is the x system starting at all? Otherwise the plymouth start logo might just decide to do that after some time. Hard to guess as I never saw that happen, but I used the original splashscreen solution and replaced the image with our logo.
  • Sorry I was not clear. Yes, that is why I said screen saver. If you touch the display, the Repetier-Server Home page comes back. No, I do not get the floating repetier logo. Using raspi-config, I followed the directions for disabling the screen saver, which I thought was already disabled. After rebooting and waiting a period of time, the flashing "screen saver" reappeared. I emailed the manufacturer of the touch screen to seen if perhaps this is behavior when no signal is being sent to HDMI 1. They have not yet responded, but since then, after a reboot or two and no other changes, it has stopped flashing. I don't know what is going on. Other than this weird flashing issue, the touch screen is pretty cool. The Raspberry Pi mounts on the back, and the Geekworm x735 power hat mounts on it. ROADOM provides these small ribbon cables that go from the Raspberry Pi to the touch screen making a very tight package. I guess we can close this issue. Thank you for the help. Having just purchased Repetier-Server, and about to customize it, I will be posting additional questions :).
  • Ok, so it is in deed a screensaver. There are actually 3 possible parts. I think in raspi-config you just define if it should use screen blanking or dpms. The x server can have a real screensaver like you know it from windows with different animations. Did not get this so far. Then depending on the display it might have a protection against burn in by using a screensaver. Haven't seen any for pi, but only have a few displays so will not say it is not the case.

    On terminal you can also check if xscreensaver is installed:
    dpkg -s xscreensaver

    Running on my image it says 
    dpkg-query: package 'xscreensaver' is not installed and no information is available

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