Edit gcode in projects

Now that I have more than one printer, the projects section makes more sense to me and I’ve found that it is very useful.  However I have needed to change a line or two on a gcode file and having to copy the code to the printer, edit and then copy back to the project is long winded.  

So can we have a ‘show gcode/edit gcode’ option in the projects area too please.

many thanks. 


  • Yes, I think that works except for bigger gcodes. At some point your browser will run out of memory. So will add a warning before opening.
  • I came here to suggest the same thing and found that someone did it before me. A code editor is required for the files in the library. Downloading, editing and re-uploading them, especially if there are several of them, is a tedious task. My goal is to modify the beginning of the gcodes where the temperature and speed settings are. Perhaps some option to only load the first 500 lines could help with large files.
  • In 1.4.3 you can edit complete g-codes stored in projects. At least if browser has enough ram for it.

    G-Codes in model repository are already editable. You can view it layerwise and clicking on a line you can modify that line. This was added long ago to allow chhanging e.g. temperature or add some init commands afterwards.
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