M600 filament runout script's pause position doesn't move to the NOZZLE_PARK_POINT

I'm using Marlin and a filament runout sensor as well, but there's some issues using the M600 filament runout script.

Inside my Configuration.h, I'm using the runout script as #define FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SCRIPT "M600"

And I also defined #define HOST_ACTION_COMMANDS as well, so I can resume by Repetier-Host.

I pulled out the filament runout pin to test the M600 script, so whenever I start to print, M600 code starts on, but when the M600 code starts running, my extruder always goes to X0 Y514 Z15, and this is not the position I set as the NOZZLE_PARK_POINT.

I wonder why is this problem keep popping. I tried to find the number 514 in my Marlin codes, but there is no any related numbers to make this problem. 

Is there any way to solve this problem?


  • > so I can resume by Repetier-Host.
    So you are sing in host or server via host? This is server thread so I assume in the end server is connected.

    One question is which server version you are using, because in newer malin version M412 can switch between host action and internal handling and in 1.4.1 it automatically switched to hast handling. This means also (hopefully) that FILAMENT_RUNOUT_SCRIPT is not run when host action is triggered.

    Anyhow, please check version and also console what you see there. If you see the // action: output it is handled in server and then server pause script is run where you probably have that as pause position. See in configuration->gcode->event dependent->run on pause. Then it should also start server filament change routine and not the printer internal that happens with M600. M600 would normally block except if host actions are activated I guess. Then we can see dislog as well in server at least until input buffer is full. That is not working for many interactions unfortunately but also depends on printer buffer size.

    Hope this helps a bit. Unfortunately marlin has changed all this several times and there is a dozen of combinations possible, so I'm not sure I know them all. With log around pause it would be easy to see what is happening.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    I solved the problem by updating the version.
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