Marlin Host Action Commands

I'm looking for a good way to implement filament runout detection without having to run extra cables to every printer. I saw host action commands in Marlin. This is supposedly supported in Octoprint and Pronterface, but I don't see anything for Repetier host. Is this supported or are there plans to support it? Has anyone else implemented filament runout sensors in an elegant way (many ways to do this that are messy or just use a GPIO if running a PI which I am not)?


  • Please use  Repetier-Server as printer daemon. Server supports host action commands and you can connect it to  Repetier-Host using  Repetier-Server Connector. It even improves print quality and you can close host without stopping print as long as pc stays on.

    Server can also watch for any message you like and trigger any action you like on seeing that. It was written as improved host solution to work in background and be accessible remotely as well.
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