Debugging Firmware Stops

My Lowrider2 CNC is stopping running some gcode. Repetier-Server says the Marlin firmware sent a Stop. What capabilities might Repetier-Server have for debugging a firmware Stop? So far, I have been able to successfully run 3 operations (Drill, 2D Pocket, Bore). The 4th, 2D Contour, made 2 circuits around the piece before stopping, so I don't believe it was a negative or out-of-bounds error. Thank you.


  • You should enable g-code logging so you can check log file when it stops later. Don't like guessing here as there are many reasons. But last 100 lines in log will normally help. Also if you see at top next to green connect icon a warning icon, you can click on it to get the message causing a stop. At least in recent server versions.
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