Rescuing print just counts it as completed

Hello, I just recently started using Repetier Server/Host with my Anycubic Kobra Max, which is on its latest firmware, reportedly some version of Marlin. I have the rescue mode enabled, but whenever I reconnect, it initially replays the already sent codes as it's supposed to and then continues to act as if the print completed successfully. I have it connected via USB B cable that came with the printer, and most of the time prints go fine now, but when there's a disconnect and I try to recover the print, it does as mentioned above. I selected a comm setup with ping pong mode enabled and that drastically reduced the connection errors I was having, but after doing such, I had a disconnect and the same issue with the rescue attempt happened. Logs for the print before and after the disconnect and rescue below, shortened to relevant parts. Any help is appreciated. 

The disconnect.
Send:12:40:12.723: N148333 G1 F2400 E119.72878
Recv:12:40:12.728: ok
Send:12:40:12.728: N148334 G0 F9000 X175.949 Y184.655 Z73.500
Recv:12:40:12.910: T:210.03 /210.00 (291.88) B:50.00 /50.00 (3612.00) @:52 B@:33
Mesg:12:40:16.729: Warning: Communication timeout - resetting communication buffer.
Mesg:12:40:16.729: Connection status: Buffered:46, Manual Commands: 0, Job Commands: 5000
Mesg:12:40:16.729: Buffer used:46 Enforced free byte:0 lines stored:1
Send:12:40:16.729: N148335 G1 F2400 E123.72878
Mesg:12:40:16.750: Connection closed by os during print ... trying reconnect for 10 seconds to continue ...
Offl:12:40:16.853: Ignored (offline):M20
Offl:12:40:28.365: Ignored (offline):M77

Rescue attempt.
Recv:12:41:40.263: T:210.05 /210.00 (291.75) B:50.00 /50.00 (3612.00) @:49 B@:30
Recv:12:41:40.464: X:-6.20 Y:-20.50 Z:73.99 E:0.00 Count X:-496 Y:-1640 Z:27652
Recv:12:41:40.464: ok
Send:12:41:40.464: N14 M75 Mono_X_drip_tray_and_80mm_fan_holder_v2
Recv:12:41:40.470: ok
Send:12:41:40.470: N15 M105
Recv:12:41:40.481: ok T:210.10 /210.00 (291.50) B:50.00 /50.00 (3612.00) @:47 B@:27
Send:12:41:40.481: N16 M105
Recv:12:41:40.493: ok T:210.10 /210.00 (291.50) B:50.00 /50.00 (3612.00) @:47 B@:27
Send:12:41:40.493: N17 M106 P0 S127
Recv:12:41:40.497: ok
Send:12:41:40.497: N18 M114
Recv:12:41:40.504: X:-6.20 Y:-20.50 Z:73.99 E:0.00 Count X:-496 Y:-1640 Z:27652
Recv:12:41:40.504: ok
Send:12:41:40.504: N19 M155 S1
Recv:12:41:40.507: ok
Send:12:41:40.507: N20 M155 S1
Recv:12:41:40.511: ok
Send:12:41:40.511: M117
Recv:12:41:40.514: ok
Send:12:41:40.514: N21 M999
Recv:12:41:40.519: Resend: 22
Recv:12:41:40.526: Ignore due to resend: ok
Recv:12:41:40.526: Ignore due to resend: ok
Recv:12:41:40.541: Waiting for resend requests finished. Starting resends ...
Send:12:41:40.541: N1 M110
Recv:12:41:40.544: ok
Send:12:41:40.544: N1 M110
Recv:12:41:40.546: ok
Send:12:41:40.546: N1 M110
Recv:12:41:40.549: ok
Send:12:41:40.549: N2 T0
Recv:12:41:40.551: ok
Send:12:41:40.551: N3 M73 P0 R0 Q0 S0
Recv:12:41:40.559: echo:Unknown command: "M73 P0 R0 Q0 S0"
Recv:12:41:40.559: ok
Send:12:41:40.559: N4 M107 ; Turn off fan
Recv:12:41:40.562: ok
Send:12:41:40.562: N5 M114
Recv:12:41:40.570: X:-6.20 Y:-20.50 Z:73.99 E:0.00 Count X:-496 Y:-1640 Z:27652
Recv:12:41:40.570: ok
Send:12:41:40.570: N6 G90 ; Absolute positioning
Recv:12:41:40.572: ok
Send:12:41:40.572: N7 M82 ; Extruder in absolute mode
Recv:12:41:40.575: ok
Send:12:41:40.575: N8 M140 S50
Recv:12:41:40.577: ok
Send:12:41:40.577: N9 M104 T0 S210
Recv:12:41:40.581: ok
Send:12:41:40.581: N10 M104 T0 S210
Recv:12:41:40.584: ok
Send:12:41:40.584: N11 M107
Recv:12:41:40.588: ok
Send:12:41:40.591: N12 M106 S63
Recv:12:41:40.594: ok
Send:12:41:40.598: N13 M106 S127
Recv:12:41:40.601: ok
Recv:12:41:41.522: T:209.96 /210.00 (292.25) B:49.99 /50.00 (3612.13) @:55 B@:30
Recv:12:41:42.525: T:210.05 /210.00 (291.75) B:50.05 /50.00 (3611.13) @:51 B@:0
Recv:12:41:43.529: T:210.21 /210.00 (291.00) B:50.04 /50.00 (3611.25) @:44 B@:6
Recv:12:41:44.533: T:210.05 /210.00 (291.75) B:50.04 /50.00 (3611.25) @:52 B@:11
Recv:12:41:45.536: T:210.05 /210.00 (291.75) B:50.02 /50.00 (3611.63) @:52 B@:26
Send:12:41:45.985: @getip
Send:12:41:45.990: M117
Recv:12:41:45.994: ok
Recv:12:41:46.540: T:210.03 /210.00 (291.88) B:50.06 /50.00 (3611.00) @:53 B@:2
Recv:12:41:47.543: T:209.96 /210.00 (292.25) B:50.04 /50.00 (3611.38) @:56 B@:20
Recv:12:41:48.546: T:210.13 /210.00 (291.38) B:50.05 /50.00 (3611.13) @:48 B@:11
Recv:12:41:49.551: T:209.98 /210.00 (292.13) B:50.04 /50.00 (3611.25) @:55 B@:22
Recv:12:41:50.554: T:210.10 /210.00 (291.50) B:50.05 /50.00 (3611.13) @:49 B@:20
Send:12:41:51.016: M117 ETA 12:42:03 day 21
Recv:12:41:51.020: ok
Recv:12:41:51.557: T:210.10 /210.00 (291.50) B:50.09 /50.00 (3610.50) @:49 B@:0
Recv:12:41:52.561: T:210.05 /210.00 (291.75) B:50.03 /50.00 (3611.50) @:51 B@:29
Recv:12:41:53.565: T:210.03 /210.00 (291.88) B:50.06 /50.00 (3611.00) @:53 B@:14
Recv:12:41:54.568: T:210.16 /210.00 (291.25) B:50.07 /50.00 (3610.75) @:45 B@:8
Recv:12:41:55.572: T:209.98 /210.00 (292.13) B:50.07 /50.00 (3610.75) @:54 B@:14
Recv:12:41:56.576: T:209.87 /210.00 (292.75) B:50.01 /50.00 (3611.88) @:59 B@:52
Recv:12:41:57.579: T:210.05 /210.00 (291.75) B:50.11 /50.00 (3610.13) @:49 B@:0
Recv:12:41:58.583: T:209.93 /210.00 (292.38) B:50.08 /50.00 (3610.63) @:56 B@:19
Recv:12:41:59.586: T:210.16 /210.00 (291.25) B:50.11 /50.00 (3610.13) @:44 B@:3
Recv:12:42:00.590: T:210.08 /210.00 (291.63) B:50.05 /50.00 (3611.13) @:48 B@:40
Send:12:42:01.019: M117 Finished
Recv:12:42:01.021: ok
Recv:12:42:01.593: T:209.93 /210.00 (292.38) B:50.06 /50.00 (3610.88) @:55 B@:29
Recv:12:42:02.597: T:210.10 /210.00 (291.50) B:50.08 /50.00 (3610.63) @:46 B@:22
Send:12:42:02.886: N14 M106 S142
Recv:12:42:02.889: ok
Send:12:42:02.890: N15 M106 S150
Recv:12:42:02.893: ok
Send:12:42:02.893: N16 M106 S170
Recv:12:42:02.896: ok
Send:12:42:02.897: N17 M106 S183
Recv:12:42:02.900: ok
Send:12:42:03.010: N18 M106 S198
Recv:12:42:03.014: ok
Send:12:42:03.014: N19 M106 S209
Recv:12:42:03.017: ok
Send:12:42:03.017: N20 M106 S229
Recv:12:42:03.020: ok
Send:12:42:03.021: N21 M106 S239
Recv:12:42:03.024: ok
Send:12:42:03.024: N22 M106 S249
Recv:12:42:03.027: ok
Send:12:42:03.028: N23 M106 S255
Recv:12:42:03.031: ok
Send:12:42:03.139: N24 M107
Recv:12:42:03.142: ok
Send:12:42:03.142: N25 M107 ; Turn off fan
Recv:12:42:03.144: ok
Send:12:42:03.144: N26 G91 ; Relative positioning
Recv:12:42:03.147: ok
Send:12:42:03.147: N27 M104 T0 S0
Recv:12:42:03.151: ok
Send:12:42:03.151: N28 G90 ; Absolute positioning
Recv:12:42:03.153: ok
Send:12:42:03.153: N29 M140 S0 ; Disable heated bed
Recv:12:42:03.159: ok
Send:12:42:03.159: N30 M104 S0 T0
Recv:12:42:03.163: ok
Send:12:42:03.163: N31 M140 S0
Recv:12:42:03.166: ok
Send:12:42:03.166: N32 M104 T0 S0 ; Disable extruder
Recv:12:42:03.169: ok
Send:12:42:03.169: N33 M140 S0 ; Disable bed
Recv:12:42:03.172: ok
Send:12:42:03.216: N34 M77
Recv:12:42:03.218: ok
Send:12:42:03.218: @stopLog


  • Testing shows that something with recover is broken, most likely in 1.4.x switch. Will fix it for 1.4.3.
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