Can't splice for dual nozzle print

I believe I have my settings right. I have a different nozzle selected for support than for the object but when I splice I end up with one piece being printed from the assigned support nozzle. Any ideas


  • So you have 2 nozzles. Does host know you have 2 nozzles? Does slicer generate T0 and T1 in gcode to switch between them? Which slicer are you using? By default objects get nozzle 0 (or 1 if you start counting at 1). So support should be second nozzle or you need to explicitly assign second filament to object before slicing.
  • Yes it should, I set it as dual nozzle in printer settings extruder tab and it gives me 2 nozzles as an option. So I have one nozzle set on the object view and a different set in the structure sections of the file that tab in cura, I believe that's where it is. I am using cura engine. No, there is no switch over in the g code. I have tried both nozzles as support make sure the opposite is selected. When I first load the object in the object placement tab before slicing, there is no support structures, only after slicing. Is this normal? Or should I be able to see the structures in a different color before slicing?
  • You only see support in the created g-code. There it should have a different color if you have extruder coloring selected.

    Actually the 2 color mode in cura is a bit hard and unexpected. You should better start using prusa slicer for such things - there this stuff works much better.

    Anyhow, just checked it and could make support using extruder 2 with no problems. Selected wipe tower and Support Extruder 2. On right side I selected support anywhere and support was different material.
    Important: After changes you must safe settings first and on right side select the setting you safed or you might just be slicing with different settings then what you think you are using.
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