Hotspot and dhcp server problems

It is good to have them if you need them, but enabling them by default on the 1.4.1 v33 RPI image is probably not wise.
For some unknown reason dnsmasq war answering also on the wired network causing havoc on my LAN.
I was not expecting the to be enabled by default so it took me a while to figure out what was going on.
I looked at the dnsmasq config and it appears that it should only listen on wlan0 but in practice it was listening also on eth0.
I looked in the web UI to see if I could turn it off along with the hotspot but I was unable to find how.
I disabled wifi from the boot config and disabled dnsmasq unit directly from command line.


  • It is important for users only having wifi (pi 0). You can easily disable it in wifi settings. There is an option for access point to be always enabled/never or only if not connected with wifi.
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