1.4.1 reverts back to 1.2.1 after every boot

I just found the MQTT and Homeassistant support in 1.4.1 and was very happy with it. So I updated my RasberryPi to that version via Repetier Server monitor.
Today when I restarted my printers, the communication to Homeassistant was not working any more. It took me a while to find out that my Repetierserver silently reverted back to 1.2.1
Updateting to 1.4.1 worked (again) but I had to re-set the MQTT page to get it working again.

What am I doing wrong? I have registered the pro version and the key is also stil in the settings.


  • What did you use monitor for? You should just use autoupdater in  Repetier-Server. There is no auto revert to 1.2.1 in server and monitor can not update server. So not exactly sure how you did it.

    The only way to revert might be when you switch from armhf to putting it in a pi zero where it will install the armel version from image and if that image is older it might be 1.2.1 you then get. Should only happen once a sit marks the switch to not redo it again.
  • hmm.
    The Pi/Repetier behaves as if it were running in an ramdisk.
    Alle printjobs or timelapse files that I delete are also magically back after a reboot.
    I'm no Linux specialist, I'm at a loss.

    Any Ideas?
  • Oh I know that pattern at least. It is a defect sd card. With some luck you can just put a fresh image on it and it works. If it is due to defect sectors it might happen sooner or later again.

    To prevent defect sd cards we advice to use long endurance sd cards and to always shutdown linux safely before removing power. Never just unplug power - that works a lot of time but at wrong time it can cause defects on sd card.
  • Thanks, that was it.
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