snapshots problem

I have a problem with my camera to make the time laps.
I have a Logitech C920S Pro. Everything works fine, but I can't apply a position for the snapshots. The pictures are taken while the head is moving


  • That is due to different delays for different webcams. Go to printer settings->webcam activate selected position (which I guess you did already). You see 2 timings one before snapshot and one after snapshot. Before is needed if webcam delivers not current view but a cached last view. Then you need to increase "Stabilize time before snapshot". If it making the snapshot while you already go back due to communication lag, ... increase "Pause duration for snapshot". As said this differs between cpu power, webcam model so you need to find values that are good. You want the pause as low as possible but long enough to get a stable picture. So you need several tests where you increase or reduce the times to find the sweet spot that safely gives stable image. 
  • Ok thanks,
    I try it.

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