No travel path

Download the latest version V1.0.5 on a new system running Windows 7, a Dell M6800.  In the past I have been able to view the travel path, but on this system when I select the Hide Travel icon (to un-hide) at the top it disappears and no travel path shows when switching through layers in the preview mode.  This travel path Icon will also disappear if I select the 'Show Travel Moves' is checked in the preview visualization.  If I toggle the Easy Mode icon I can get the Hide Travel icon to re-appear but when selecting again it disappears.  Bottom line is I'm unable to to get the travel path to show up.

The reason for being able to show the travel path is I just recently installed a bowden extruder and when slicing it travels accross the open space when printing perimeters and I trying to adjust slicer setting to see if this can be eliminated without having to run a print.

Is there some setting I'm missing to get the travel path to show up?



  • This has been corrected, There was a setting at the BIOS level that needed to be changed something to do switchable graphics modes for running in virtual mode.  Don't understand why this would effect the ability to view the travel path.

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