Adding option to pause a print at a specific layer height mid print

We are currently printing Prusa Face shields in bulk in stacks. Based on time limits we have 1 10 stack gcode file that we use that takes about 15 hours, but we usually do not have 15 hours to let the print finish. Is there a way we can program a button/ option to enter a layer height and have the print finish at that layer height as a UI element?


  • Only solution that will work would be to split the gcode at the stacked parts. Each part should end with

    Now you just add all parts in the correct order to print queue. Make sure the server start/end gcode do not contain anything disturbing here! Best leave them empty.

    So server prints part1 and wants to continue with part2 right away. If you do not want the last parts printed you just delete them from the print queue and it will stop at last part.

    You need to make sure the printer disables and moves to a good parking position. Put that in the last gcode part you queue and do NOT delete that part.
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