Filament Tracking with Due and RADDS

Hello everyone,

I installed the Sparklab Filament Tracking System and got it to work after some issues. Now I'm left with two questions/problems:

First: is there a way to turn off the tracking during "non-print" extrusion (Filament change, "manual"  extrusion via Repetier server)? The problem is that my tracking system is not triggered  during these actions (because of the mechanic setup of my printer), so I always get an "extruder jammed" message on the 4x20 LCD Display of my Radds. I don't want to connect this display on my final build and I get the error message only on the RADDS-display, not on the console output. So on Repetier Server it looks like everything is fine.

my second problem: If my extruder jams or i'm out of filament during a print, my printer uses "JAM_ACTION 2" to pause the print and let me change the filament/unjam the extruder as expected.
After I fixed the problem and unpaused/continued the print via Repetier Server, everything seems fine since my printer is continuing its print and I don't see any error messages on the console output. But as I described before: when I connect the LCD Panel, i can see that the extruder is still marked as "jammed".
This would not really be a problem, but the jam detection is not working anymore. So if, during a very long print, my extruder jams up more than once, the tracking system is not working for the second jam.

Is this a bug or do I have to set something in the pause handling of Repetier Server?

Thanks for reading and helping


  • See these jam related commands:

    - M513 - Clear all jam marker.
    - M602 S<1/0> P<1/0>- Debug jam control (S) Disable jam control (P). If enabled it will log signal changes and will not trigger jam errors!
    - M603 - Simulate a jam
    - M604 X<slowdownSteps> Y<errorSteps> Z<slowdownTo> T<extruderId> - Set jam detection values on a per extruder basis. If not set it uses defaults from Configuration.h

    So in continue use M513 to delete jam marker and set feedrate to 100% using M220 S100 if you have a slowdown enabled.
    You could use M602 to disable it for extrusion, maybe making it a named command for frequent use. Currently there is no way to do this automatically.
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