2.0 Layout catastrophe.

The new layout and colours in 2.0 reduces the visibility to 0%.
Before, (in version 1.6.2)  you could see if the heat bed was on or off 5 meters away. Now, there are 2 shades of grey everywhere that shows the different states. And the numbers you can not read easily. (I have a 4K display but it does not help).
Also , the new formats for exporting .amf does not work. EEPROM configuration does not work. What more?
Somebody should fire the AD.

I have downgraded to 1.6.



  • yeah ... the emergency button is not very visible 

  • edited April 28
    Agree, visibility was compromised. The new interface is also too white to look at for long comfortably (on windows).There default theme should be darker.

  • Yes! Visibility of nearly everything is catastrophic in 2.0. A big step back compared to 1.6.2
  • I agree with that...
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