Exclude G-Codes destroys print job

I used Exclude G-codes for the first time today to find out that it completely kills the print job, if the selected rectangle is currently being printed.

I had multiple items to print and decided one of them did not need to be printed. So I made my rectangle and excluded it. The printer was working on that parts layer at the time, so my thought process is that it threw out g-code it was trying to do and sent the next parts g-code layer. However the printer got confused with this.

I would like to recommend that the exclusion takes place on the next layer and not on the layer that is currently being printed. This would give the printer time to complete the codes it already has and the next layer starts fresh without the exluded parts code.


  • Generally it is good to start as soon as possible. I will think about why this might happen when inside region. Might be a problem that the go inside move is missing since it was already inside and that would lead to the problem.
  • Yeah, if you could code it to ignore the inside region until after it leaves that region, I think that would resolve the problem. Also, until that is figured out, maybe a notice below the submit/save button that states to wait until the hotend is out of the affected area.
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