Informer and filament runout sensor

Hi, can Repetier Informer send a message when filament runout sensor activates M600 procedure, filament change? So far I was able to recognize start and stop printing, even while printing from SD, but Informer ignores completely filament runout signal or manual filament change and takes no notice if I paused the print from the display (it works OK when paused from Repetier).
Is it possible to wake up Informer by sending something from printer firmware?
Sorry for a silly question, I have no real insight into the communication between Repetier and the printer, hopefuly somebody better informed is listening :-)

I use Repetier and Informer on Windows, printer uses newest (7/2016) Marlin 1.1.0 RC BugFix firmware.


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    Firmware can't send anything. Host must do this. With repetier-firmware you could tell host to pause instead of doing internal filament change, then you would get a message.

    Does Marlin send any message to host when filamentchange is required? SHould appear in log. In such a case we could add a listener for that response. If so, please copy and paste the marlin response here so we know what to look for.
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    Sorry for delay and many thanks for a quick reaction. Marlin sends a message into host, the same one after both manual and emergency activation of filamentchange. In the hosts log there is a line echo:enqueueing "M600" Would you be able to catch that and send either "pause" or some newly created "filamentchange" message? It would be a big help for me.
  • Catching the message is no problem. Further handling depends a bit on what marlin would do. From a code part I read yesterday I assume that at least last RC does some internal pause by sending out "busy:" so host/server side pause would be not good. Sending a push message is no problem of course. I guess we could take it as severe error and send it if that is enabled.
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    Any kind of error reporting is fine with me. Apart from that, I expect no action done by Host. Thank you!
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    When will the new version of software be available? How will I know it's there?
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    Host should give you a update message.

    When I can not say.
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    New version of Host (2.0) is there, but no improvement, still no reaction for M600. I understood the implementation is no problem, am I missing something?
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