New Mac version will come

Since then we have released version 1 of Repetier-Host, we receive many requests for an update of the Mac version. Windows and Linux are very similar and are therefore developed in parallel. For the Mac version we have to programm everything again - so much extra work causing the delay. 

But we are working hard on a new version, which we hope to publish soon.


  • Hello,

    Any news when a new released of repetier version 1 for mac user please
    Thanks a lot
  • Sorry, but it will take time, but it will come.
  • Thank you, no problem
  • I am curious, why is Linux more similar to Windows than Mac? Mac is *NIX based, while Windows is completely different.

    I am primarily interested in the Mac version having Cura engine support. I enjoy your other changes in the Windows version, but Cura makes a huge difference in the types of models I can print.

    Furthermore, is there any way we can help?

  • For Linux I can use mono to run the windows host version. For mac this was too much of a pain when I last tried - many ui errors not behaving as it should ...
  • Hi,
    after near 10 months after the announcement of the new version of Repeater on MAC
    there is always no new version to download ...
    have you stop this project ?

    Best regards
  • No, we have not stopped it, but other parts have at the moment a higher priority. 
  • ok
    but when do you think to offer us this new version on Mac ?
    best regards
  • I just made a small donation (but forgot to mention that it was as an encouragement to develop the mac version)...
    maybe if all mac users would make a small donation, it could give a picture of how many mac users there are waiting for the next release, and raise the priority...
  • Any updates on this?
  • Hi, 
    after 1 year you annonce us new version, there is always not new version...
    when you will publish it please ?
    because the 0.56 is now very old
    best regards
  • We are very busy with other projects like Repetier-Server (http://www.repetier-server), which runs also on Mac, so that we can not give any times.
  • Yes, Yes, Yes, If Mac new ver. released. I will donate more for it. GOOD JOB.
  • Does Microsoft's recent announcement of .NET for OS X help at all? Is there anything we on the outside can do to help this along?
  • Oh, and one more question: are newer version of Slic3r drop-in replacements? In other words, can we go into the application bundle and replace the included 0.9.9 with the newest 1.2.9 without worry?
  • While it would be 'nice' to have a native Mac client I'm perfectly happy with Repetier Server. This gives me the manual control that I need and allows me to use the slicer (in this case the latest version of Slic3r) that I want.
  • Dear @RepetierSupport , could you specify which Repetier Mac version is equivalent/similar to the Repetier for Windows .95F.

    Equivalent in the meaning of features and communication protocols and sequence. i am a .95F user, and i need a good, stable, and foolproof to work on Mac.

    Best Regards
  • There is only one version worh using and that is the latest. Not sure if it is already equivalent, but it is the best we have.
  • Any progress update on the updated Mac version? 
  • Is this delay because Apple has jerked so many C interfaces out from under you that you have to reprogram the whole thing in Objective-C instead?  If so, that's really, really sad. I too am a multi-platform developer and am fighting this with all my might! KEEP CROSS-PLATFORM PORTABILITY ALIVE!
  • Hi, there are any news? How many time we will waiting yet?
  • Is there anything at all to update on this, last comment from support was Jul 2015? I'll work with setting up one of the other versions in a virtual machine, but I'd much rather work on my main dev system, under OS X. Any crumbs of info would greatly be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Repetier-Server will replace the Mac version. By the end of the year it should be able to do anything the host can do only better. Getting the mac host to windows level would take a year and that is too much work for something that gets a better replacement.
  • That is too bad.  I looked at the server page and its not very feature stong....and it says to link with host 1.5x or later for more features.....but since youre not doing a mac version of that, doesnt that mean that mac users are just s.o.l. as far as repitier is considered?

    I like Repitier, its been useful...but server just wont do.
  • The server can already do more then host, the only thing really missing currently is the slicer and that will follow. Then it is very comparable.
  • Any news on the Mac update? I just got a Geeeteck Rostock M301 and it doesn't work with the old Mac version. The Windows version has a special setting for this type of printer and I'm hoping the Mac version will be updated with it soon. I would be very happy to be an early beta tester since it is such a pain running Parallels every time I need to use my printer.

  • My mac is not communicating with the 3d printer. I have connected the printer but get a message that the port is wrong and my computer can't communicate with the printer can anyone help me out. 

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