trying to keep print head from moving after cancelling print

Recently switched over to using Repetier Server to send and control print jobs and so far am loving it.

Just having one problem that I can't figure out. If I cancel a job that's printing the bed automatically moves forward and the head moves right, which would probably be fine, except it's moving too far for my printer and just crashing into the stops (and continuing to grind away on the motors and belts making a horrid sound of the printer killing itself)

This is on a Monoprice Select Mini. Has a print area in the range of 120x120mm, but the cancel command is moving the X and Y probably about 100mm in each direction, which is a big problem when the head is in the middle of the bed (again, the gut-wrenching sound of grinding and frantically pulling out the power cable...)

This is happening if I cancel the job from the Server or if I cancel the job (that was sent by the server) directly on the machines control panel. This does NOT happen is I take the exact same g-code file and print it from the SD card. In that case the local cancel command simply stops the print.

How can I make it so the cancel command simply cancels the print? I looked for a setting and could find none. The most obvious spot being the Event Dependent g-code tab in the printer setting config, but all those fields are blank. What setting and/or script is making the printer move after the cancel command?




  • Go to "Printer Configuration"-"->"Event Dependent". Here you can set commands that should be executed on some events like abort or stop. Normally they are empty. Server does nothing except sending the commands defined there.

    Since you already checked it you should enable logging (in printer context menu) and do a test. It should log also the extra cancel commands. When we know them we might see what is happening.
  • Thanks. I set some commands in the event dependent tab for the printer to just stop and lift the Z a little bit on cancel and that seems to be working. I also noticed that on the printer control panel if I pause the print first, then cancel, the print head stays relatively close to where it was instead of moving off ~100mm in X and Y.
  • I guess you mean it did not unpause before killing? Not sure I ever tested this case but it might be missing and would make sense to unpause first. Will check that.
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