problems uploading external file to SD card (Marlin)

I'm having problems uploading files directly from a Windows directory to the SD card.  The Repetier Host upload window calls this an "external" file.

Am I doing something wrong, is this a bug, are there more requirements that I don't know about, ... ?

I can load the file into Repetier Host and then from there upload it into the SD card with no problems.

I'm using Marlin V1.0.2, Win10, Repetier Host 1.6.2 and an AzteegX3pro controller.  I'm unchecking the two include boxes.

I can get the file created but it's size is zero.  Sometimes Repetier gives messages about not being able to start a print.  Sometimes the upload in progress message never goes away (When this happens I'm shut out of the SD card until I disconnect & then re-connect).

The requirements I know of so far are:

   Repetier Host

      source file extension must be "gcode"


     SD card file extension must be lower case g

     no more than 8 letters or numbers in the file name (no spaces, no dashes, ...)



  • I think there's a bug in Repetier Host. 

    It looks like Repetier Host ignores the external file option (in the SD card upload popup) and always writes file it has (previously uploaded via the LOAD button on the main page) to the SD card.

    If it a file hasn't yet been uploaded then the SD card gets a zero length file.

  • What else should it upload? It uploads the gcode you have just created using a slicer or loaded into gcode and you see in preview. I don't see the problem.
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