Can Bed Height Map be used to modify GCode Z Axis height?

Hello, my name is Mariano,

I was able to get Bed Height Map working perfectly, and getting map of heights of a PCB (copper surface over fiber) and i need this height differences to modify GCode.

Is there any way to do it?

I saw other front ends like CNC-GCode-Controller can do this, but they don't match with Repetier Firmware.

Thanks in advance.


  • No the host will not use it for anything.

    I guess you want to follow the z deviations of the copper plate. The firmware has a option to do so with G33 (dev version). The only drawback is, that this was meant for correcting bed bumps so it measures complete bed (or what you have defined in the configuration/eeprom). So you would need to update the test area first, run G32 and G33 and then printer would follow all z bumps on measured area.

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