Erratic web server behavior

This happens both on local lan or when I connect remotely.    Sometimes the Repetier server pages come up reasonably quickly and are workable including the webcam but other times the pages only partially load and a pop-up message might appear that says its lost connection to the server.     This happens on my Hummingboard quad core 2gb ram server (similar but not identical to a raspberry pi).   I just received a raspberry pi 3 but I'm worried I'm already seeing signs of similar behavior.    It happens when its printing or when its not printing.   Its like the server bogs down and then eventually recovers.       Has anyone else seen this???


  • I had a similar problem.  Connecting locally on the same network, it works fine.  When connecting remote (using my cell phone), I get the "Lost connection" error, over an over.  Sometimes it happens about 10 times and then starts working, but most of the time it just keeps doing it.

    After upgrading to .75.1 the problem has almost went away.  Now it does it a few times but starts working.  It's much better now, but still not perfect.

    I'm running it on a PI2.
  • Is the server connected through ethernet or wlan? Often wlan signal is not good enough and causes erratic connection lost.

    I will check if I can also do something about timeouts, but normally it is the browser disconnecting the websocket for some reason and then you see the connection lost message until a new websocket is established.
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