Quick Fix Temperature Table

I've noticed that my 3950 thermistors can vary in their temperature reporting, and it would be nice to be able to easily calibrate the temperatures without going in to the config and doing it manually.

I have a handheld thermocouple thermometer ($25 on Amazon).  I took an old volcano nozzle and bored it out, inserting the tip of the thermocouple deep into the nozzle and securing it with liberal use of Permatex Ultra Copper.  I now have a tester that I can easily insert into the heat block and check the calibration.

It would be nice if the firmware had the ability to run a calibration, where you could fire up the hot end, bring it to temperature, verify the temperature with just such an external thermocouple, and then enter the calibrated temperature directly into the firmware where it could recalculate the temperature table and save it to EEPROM.

Just a thought...


  • Temperature tables are part of the program and stored in flash not eeprom. Calibration is too difficult for normal users so they just change target temperature. And the same table is used for different parts while your method would require a table for each sensor as you get also error from different measurement points. So I guess we leave it.
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