Disable progress bar animation.

Is there any way to disable the scrolling effect on the progress bars? It uses a significant amount of CPU on the client PC, especially on lower end machines.

On my quadcore Atom netbook Chrome uses 30%-40% CPU while on a Repetier page with the animated progress bar. If I block the progress bar element with the uBlock Chrome plugin then CPU usage drops to 5% or less.


  • The hard way was to remove "progress-striped" from all the php files in Repetier-Server/www/views/printer/control/

    That will probably be overwritten when I update though...

  • Hmm, even without animation, Chrome uses 25% CPU, but if I competely block the progress bar with uBlock then CPU falls to 0.5% - 2% CPU...
  • I wasn't aware of this, but googling I found this:

    and it seems in deed to have a significant impact. Striped is a simple animation and may not be the cause. From the tread I guess it is more the css animation between values as angular sets the value quite often and may start a animation with this. Will look into it for next release.
  • Hi Repetier,

    It might be in part related to the animation, but I suspect that the progress bar is also updated and repainted constantly, even if the percentage has not changed. This causes constant screen repainting, I suspect anyway.

    Thank you,

  • Looks like adding

    .progress-bar {
    -webkit-transition: initial !important;
    -o-transition: initial !important;
    transition: initial !important;

    .progress-bar.active, .progress.active .progress-bar {
    -webkit-animation: initial !important;
    -o-animation: initial !important;
    animation: initial !important;
    at the end of the css is enough to keep it fast. In addition I have removed the striped classes as they do not look good when not rotating.
  • Wow. Thank you, this makes a huge difference in CPU usage.

    On the atom netbook using chrome CPU now sits at under 2% for chrome while on the server page, without blocking the progress bar. :)
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