Repetier Server causes PC to continuously wake up from Hibernate


My Win7 PC developed a case of insomnia because it would not stay in Hibernation.
As One might; I spend a good few hours troubleshooting and eventually discovered that Repetier Server either adds some windows timers or waketimers (from a scheduled task?) which where causing this. 

Is this a known issue or unique to my PC?

I recently upgraded Repetier to host V1.6.1 and Repetier Server version is unknown but was likely installed/upgraded with Host V1.6.1.

The windows system event log has an Event id 1 called Power-Troubleshooter which describes why the PC woke from sleep/hibernate however this Event ID reported "Wake Source: Unknown" ... It would obviously be helpful if Windows (or maybe? Rep Server) reported a better reason for the wake from Hibernate! ;-)

Windows command prompt and the "Powercfg -lastwake" and "Powercfg -waketimers" where used to discover the reason for the Insomnia.

Any thoughts?


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