Where is PIN 63 ?

One thing is unclear for me.

In section "Z- probing" in configuration.h, in documentation. I read that: " #define Z_PROBE_PIN 63 "

What's about ?

is it the number pin of the 2560 itsef : pin PJ0 (RXD3/PCINT9)
or the number pin of the board : Digital Pin 15 (RX3) ,   pin 10 on the connector EXP3 card RUMBA ?

What is really the "standard" pin to connect this  Z_Probing ? Pin number for 2560 or pin on the board ?


  • You can use any free pin. Pin numbers follow Arduino digital pin mapping. Search arduino mega pinout and you see how they relate to physical pin numbers. 63 is for RAMPS board where it is on a extension port.
  •  is not a very good explaination , le firmware Repetier is not only for a RAMPS ! What's for other boards ?

    I find that : https://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking/PinMapping2560

    There are only one Pin 63 on Arduino 2560, it is the 63th pin of 100 on the chip 2560 ! This is the: Digital Pin 15 for the firmware Repetier

    Why don't say that ?
  • That is what I meant with arduino digital pin numbering, yes. I also said they are not identical with physical pin numbers.
    Every good board should have a description like this

    showing pin numbers and these are normally the arduino analog/digital pin numbers.
  • I finally find this famous "pin 63" (for autoleveling in repetier firmware) !

    It's very simple !

    It's the physical pin number 88 on the chip atmega2560, also labeled Analog Pin 9

    labeled A9/D63 on the connector AUX2 on the RAMPS (pin conn 4 )

    re-labeled Pin 63 in the firmware

    and localised on connector AUX3 (pin conn 7) on RUMBA card

    Résumé: Pin 88 => Analog Pin 9 => Digital Pin 63 => Analog pin 9

    Simple !

    I'm right ? It's OK ?

    Thanks !

  • You can use any pin you like that is not used. 63 is just what default config contains. Important is the Digital pin on the board description - i will not check the physical pin it is connected to since I know mapping is correct.
  • Barth Is absolutely right. For the man that wants to try something different that any shield (made for dummies) is the firmware absolute chaos.
    if there is a comment, it is absolutely unclear.
    but whatever. thanks for the firmware even if sometimes chaotic :-)
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