Filament Sensor

I have made the filament sensor as per which operates under Marlin, the designer chose that firmware to add his code to. Would it be possible to update Repetier firmware to service this device (I much prefer Repetier over Marlin).

I know that the designer is happy to pass on the information needed about his electronics to enable the coding of the firmware, he has already passed the info to someone who wanted this updatet in Repetier, I don't know who that was though and whether he has done any work on coding.

Would you guys please add it to Repetier. I can see this device becoming much more popular in the future as it saves guesswork with filament thickness when slicing so it wouldn't be a wasted effort to update Repetier.



  • Setting the basic diameter is quite easy. Since voltage is proportional to a diameter it can be converted into a flow multiplier factor. As long as diameter keeps constant it is ok, but when diameter varies it gets complicated. It would need a complicated storage of width to position and update it while filament gets used. And the longer (bowden) the more memory you should use upon it. Biggest problem are here delta printer not having any free ram already on avr boards. And every extruder would need it's own queue. So here things get complicated and without testing device it becomes a real problem to test this. 

    So I think I will postpone it a bit until 
    1. One other user comes with a solution I can add.
    or 2. I get a printer having such a sensor, so I can better play around with it.

    If it really gets more wide spread one of the two will normally happen.

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    That sounds cool but just in case you are interested I can offer you my unit on loan which satisfies the second of your requirements to write the code. If you're agreeable to that I will post the unit to you. 

  • i have one of these too... would be nice to be able to add it
  • maybe it will be implemented in the next version???
  • 2) you actually dont need the sensor... you can use a potentiometer to vary the voltage to an analogue pin

    the sensor just outputs an voltage direct proportional to the messured filament width....

    ie if filament is 3mm its outputs 3V
  • any plans to implement this now that you dont need the sensor but can simulate it with a pot. meter?
  • Well I have no plans for near future. This is a complex thing and I have currently more urgent things to implement. This will come at some point just as my time permits it or if someone makes a pull request with the modification. Just what comes first.
  • just got some filament tracking sensors from sparklabs just wondering if they have to be conected to the max end stops as there in use already. I was going to use another spare pin or do they need the capasitor thats on the end stop pin? its just a hal-e sensor with a magnet that spinns sending pulses at the end of the day. if so, i can add a capasitor if i need to. in the wiring.
  • What capacitor are you talking about? Just give it power and a free pin and it should work.
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