Error with creating video timelapse.


After running the latest fw update of Repetier server, I'm getting continuously error creating the timelapse video file.

The error it gives is:

Uncatched error in video conversion: boost::filesystem::file_size: No such file or directory [system:2]: "/var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/E5/timelapse/20220912T081358_CE5P_Lampenkabel_Verkrzungsring/video.mp4"

Anybody can help me how to fix this issue?

Friendly regards, 


  • Ok that can happen if the ffmpeg was run successfully and did not create a movie file. So first question is why it did not create the file. If you check server.log you would see more at that time where you created it. One reason I could think of is, that there were no images stored, so check in images view if there are any. In case they are you can call recreate video any time to try again.

    Note that in general settings->timelapse there is an option (selected by default) to delete images after successful conversion. Due to error message this should not have happened. In your case more likely the streamer was not running or url for jpg was wrong or snapshot condition was not met.
  • Picture are still storen and viewable, trying to recreate doesn't give me any video conversion and the same stated error remains.

    Checking server.log doesn't give me any error on 12.9 or today (after trying recreate.).

    The latest lines in server.log:

    [11.09.2022 07:51:09] : error: Reading serial conection failed: End of file. Closing connection.
    [11.09.2022 08:40:13] : Execute error response:enabling daemon modeforked to background (10236)
    [11.09.2022 08:40:13] : While executing:/usr/bin/sudo /usr/local/Repetier-Setup/bin/installWebcam2 setResolution 1920 1080 10
  • Nothing related to conversion at least. Did it work in past or is this first video? But looks like ypu use pi so there it should come preconfigured with ffmpeg so no reason to not work. Except if you outsourced slow computations - then the other pc might have gotten an error. If you think it is the folder, please pack it and provide download so I can check if there is something in folder preventing it.

    Just run in ssh shell
    tar -czf video.tgz /var/lib/Repetier-Server/printer/E5/timelapse/20220912T081358_CE5P_Lampenkabel_Verkrzungsring

    and send me the file (dropbox, pastbin whatever you like). I then check if it is a issue I can catch in an update to fix it. Might also be an error or file missing, also I'd then expect a error message. The strange thing is that conversion functions ends without error but still failed to write file.
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