Menu panels are skewed, text cutoff, GUI display issues


I just downloaded RepetierHost v2.2.4 via its AppImage and the user interface is kind of messed up. Here are a few images:

System information

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (kernel: 5.15.0-46-generic)

Any idea what's going on or any way to fix these graphic issues?



  • The host uses winforms and they always were prone to font scaling issues especially if you have an increased font-size set for your os. We did our best to solve it by using table like layouts everywhere possible. So my guess is that your global font sizing strategy for linux is causing bad aspect ratio in the scaling functions. Especially on the toolbar we could not use table strategy and the toolbar controls scaling of icons. Reducing font scaling to 100% or maybe 125% might give it a better look. Alternatively switch to  Repetier-Server which has no such issues as it is browser based.
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