Live Z adjustment on an Ender 5 Plus

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Is it possible to adjust Z during a print on an Ender? I have a Prusa Mk3S and just added an Ender 5 Plus (Creality Silent board v1.70.3). With Octoprint and RS, the Prusa LCD allows me to change Z. I never tried Octoprint with the E5+ but with RS, the LCD acts like it doesn't know a print is in progress. I can 'move' Z but of course the gcode just moves it back. Is this just something lacking in the firmware?

RS Pro 1.4.1


  • During print you should only use baby stepping if supported by printer. See

    for details on it. On our touch screen gui there is an entry for this and the prusa lcd has also a function for babystepping firmware side I think, which is why it works.  I don't have a Ender 5 so can't say what they support but the touch displays they nowadays have are not connected to server and only use a serial to firmware and are quite liited in functions. If you have compiled in support for it, you can switch to firmware lcd mode which has much more options and you might find babystepping or how ever they name it there as well. Only lcds with encoder have this as it requires an encoder. Long press encoder I think to switch to that mode.
  • Thank you I will look into this
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