Klipper TCP/IP connection

Hallo, I hawe 2 printers running Klipper, they have both its own raspberry with klipper software, on the same network. Repetier server is running on its own raspberry. Printer are not close to each other, I dont want instal klipper on repieter server raspi.  But I am not possible to connect printers to repetier server using TCP/IP. Is it possible?


  • You need a mapper that maps communication from a TCP/IP port to the klipper pipe. I think socat would be able to do so.

    socat TCP-LISTEN:8888,fork,reuseaddr FILE:/dev/pts/1,b57600,raw

    would map /dev/pts/1 to port 8888. I think this version even survices reconnects,

    With that installed on the klipper PCs you can connect  Repetier-Server to that tcp port instead of serial.

    This solution has one drawback - the network connection must be ultra stable so best use ethernet and not wifi! This also improves speed as you already get extra delays from network to klipper. That is main reason you normally pur server on same pi as klipper to have no network issues. You could then use  Repetier-Server Monitor to show both in one ui.
  • According your answer the best solution is to install server on both raspis and use monitor. A am using kiauh to instal klipper and fluid web server. It is possible only instal server on this running configs? Because I want to use fluid as a gui too ... https://github.com/th33xitus/kiauh
    It is possible to install server without your image?
  • Only one backend can connect to klipper at a time or communication turns into garbage. So if fluid is connected with backend you can not connect with server as well.

    So while you can install our server on that image you need to stop the fluid backend when it runs.
  • Tnx, I was trying it :-))) If I use another port?Where are located licencie data? It is possible only copy it to fresh instal? My server is death and I am not able to deactivate the license... sorry for this
  • It will normally detect that it is same pi. In case you loose all installations due to such problems just send our support a message with license code and we reset it.
  • tnx, amazing support. The best spent 50 euros ;-)
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