Mjpeg_streamer crashing

It seems to work for a couple of minutes then it crashes. The only way to recover is to reboot the server.

ubuntu server 20.04 Every thing is working ok besides this.... 

2728 ?        Zl     0:00 [mjpg_streamer] <defunct>


  • There is no way to kill the running mjpg process either.
  • It's a zombie process and they can not be killed as they are already dead. They disappear after parent is stopped. Probably they got started from server restart webcam button? That makes the server the parent.

    Anyhow, question is more why they stop working. You should check /var/log/syslog at the time they stop working. mjpg_streamer logs there anything if it is not a sudden crash stopping streamer. More likely is that it got some feedback from linux while reading indicating a problem and stopped running. Then it would write in syslog that it stopped and hopefully why. After all this is not our software so don't know every detail of it's programming.
  • Thanks, I was just curious if you have had that issue before?
  • The zombies - yes. As you probably used server to restart mjpg_streamer it might be the owner and when they crash/stop again they become zombies until server restarts. But zombies use no memory/cpu. Just there because of possible reference until server would fetch state.
  • Yes but the Zombie processes just look sloppy. I know it is not your software, I will work with the mjpeg-streamer team and maybe supply a pactch, so it crashes more gracefully. ;)
  • Zombies do not mean crashed. Just finished (including crashed) and calling process has not yet queried exit code. I just tested with restarting webcams and no zombies. So normally we seem to collect the exit codes correctly. But maybe they are in your case also waiting for something.
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